My name is MJ and I'm part of Leon's since 2014,
Before that I was living with this guy Julio Quinto and he was afraid we would get caught and then he would loose the section eight and we would be on the street.
Julio was cool I mean, he always gave me food, it was good food too, chicken with rice, beans and plantains and sometimes whole bags of strawberries and really good coffee.
But he got fidgety because there was no girl there for him and I was getting older, I was 14 when I left and he had started to look at me funny.
So I started living in this garage with no heat but we were just waiting for a better place and now Leon's has this place, it's way better.
The screens were all broken and a squirrel got in and we are trying to trap him and let him out. And we just fixed all the doors and windows for $400,
they still don't shut perfectly but the screens are all new and not torn, so squirrel and bees can't get in anymore if we want to open the windows.
Im hoping to get a new computer soon but for now this is going to be written on the one
It's jammed up and a lot of the keys dont work so great either and it flicks on and off a lot but it still works.
Best of all, Leon's is protecting me here.