What is the Valanga di Vita?


The volcano and resulting landslide of goodness pouring forth from each human creature.
In our times, as in other times, this is often manifested as violence in the form of war, murder, assault and other destructive behavior.
Our technology makes it easier to do violence than in the past,
our philosophies make it easier to justify this violence as looking out for number one."
We could call this the Valanga di Violenza, or the Valanga di Vendetta.
However, there is aother sort of violence: La Violenza di Amore.
think of the magma within the volcano, and the lava which is forced out by "la piussance motrice du feu", as the big bang which forms Amore..
take the V and turn it into an A--a mountain of love.
our human energy is properly governed by love, issues from our hearts, and is creative rather than destructive.

What is Uriel University?

It is a proposed university in existential exile, recognizing the human longing for paradise and finding the road back there.
It started out as the double U companies, the double lucky horseshoe..
The v shaped fountain of fire becomes a U, love as strong as iron forged in the fire, joined together, the yoke of collaboration
for united we stand and divided we fall.

The closest image in our collective consciousness is Gandalf with the fire of his staff, standing at the gates of Hell and shouting at the demon that he shall not pass.
We are used to thinking of Uriel and the fiery sword that bars heaven, but perhaps there is only one fire, used for vendetta, or for love.
Do not deny the fire of love that burns in your heart, because if not channeled properly, it will come out some other way.


How to Enter Uriel University?

First,learn to perceive and love what is beautiful.


Second, learn to discern what is true, and what is bs.


Third, learn to love and cherish what is good.