WHILE YOU'RE HERE: Recommend to become familiar with the story of the Divine Comedy as you go through this stage of education.
Like Tolkien's Silmarillion, which it would also be good to read, The Divine Comedy ends up in paradise with musical angels.
It hasn't been made into a blockbuster like LOTR and the original is written in Italian and we found one with music which we can now all watch!

The movie appears boring, as it's over one hundred years old, and apparently the orchestra had to play live because it was a silent film, and is very crudely done, but you can see Dante had no problem with a guide who had been dead for hundreds of year, and he also had no problem going from earth to hell to heaven.
And like Tolkien, he was very educated and articulate.
Some look upon The divine Comedy as a love story like "Sweet Home Alabama" and some look upon it as a literary vendetta, since Dante was kicked out of his native city and unlike Thoreau he didn't want to go into the woods. So he put the pope in Hell for political intrigue.

ADAPT THIS PROGRAM TO YOUR OWN USE: You can use this as a study aid, to supplement or enrich a traditional or homeschool curriculum. If you are considering this as a charter school or home school aid, or for some similar purpose, to help recreate a typical high school experience in the US, then assume the program runs for four years and you will take 6 blocks in the fall and six in the spring. Each block runs 45 minutes and you have 15 minutes before the next block. As with traditional schools, there will be summer programs or you can use the summer to catch up or retake a class you botched up. There is no shame in botching classes, Einstein did that. To present for graduation you should have 48-50 credits. Also, run through a few SAT type tests just to make sure you are on the same page with national testing. WE WILL BE POSTING SOME RECOMMENDED COURSES AND MATERIALS AT SOME POINT .
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