Take a look at the discussion below: call it what you may but those individuals are not illiterate Galilean fishermen.
They clearly have been to "school", whatever that actually means.

PHENOMENOLOGY: The SKANDALON SKOOLZ programs, which were the original outreach of the Valanga di Vita, are based on a philosophy called Phenomenology.
This is the study of lived phenomena and is opposed to ideology which imposes an outside will upon that reality.
This can take the form of sexual violence, political violence, social violence, or any other kind of cruelty which one human being, a group of people or an entire system of society perpetrates upon some other persons or people or phenomena.
(for more on how we may influence reality without force, read "Saving the Appearances" by Owen Barfield who was a friend of JRR Tolkien.
We might call phenomenology a "Live and Let Live" philosophy.
THE SCANDAL OF THE TRUTH. Pope John Paul II wrote a famous letter called the Splendor of the Truth, or VERITATIS SPLENDOR. However, there is another aspect to the truth. it is often scandalous, as Paul of Tarsus said, "The wisdom of the cross is stupidity to Greeks --who looked upon it as illogical-- Scandalous to Jews--who looked upon it as heretical.
Sometimes when reality is hard to engage with because it is painful,frightening, traumatic, shocking or atrocious, we practice ideology without realizing it: we impose our version of reality upon the facts.
We often reject the prophets who are practicing phenomenology, and even eliminate them from our society.
THE CONSOLER. The parakletos is a consoler, an advocate who will comfort us and make it possible for us to engage with difficult realities.
Having said that, we do advise that some of the events that inspired the Valanga di Vita and our "skandalon Skoolz" happiness program are probably not suitable for raw unfiltered public discussion.
Experience shows that this approach causes problems.
One question that we will examine here is: what are the motives that cause us to reject reality?
Another question is: if we do accept reality who will we tell of our experiences?