Skandalon Skoolz are here to ask the question of education.
People talk about the "scandalous" state of education.
The public schools are broken, people say, ineffective, unequal, unfair, boring and outdated, lagging behind global standards
The administration is hopelessly mired in bureaucracy, throwing taxpayer money at every problem and not solving anything.
The schools themselves are rife with drug abuse, rage and sexual misconduct.
They have become dangerous to the point of needing armed teachers and police patrols.
Turning to higher education, the situation worsens.
If anyone wants a quality title at a peaceful place (or maybe not even), they have to go into debt to get it
High quality, devoted faculty languish at part time jobs, sometimes commuting to two or three far flung towns just to lecture enough to make ends meet,
while student borrowers complain that university presidents act like wanna be wall street fat cats:
they are tripling their salaries and fundraising like fury to build overpriced research centers, while the government doles out the loans.

But there is a deeper skandal than this: a beautiful, magnificent skandal, one we all should participate in.
it is the skandal of really going after education, of pursuing the truth as relentlessly as corporate billionaires pursue an agenda of greed.
In order to educate this way, as Thoreau noted, the prices have to be somehow anchored not in fantasy,
(not in buying an island with the people's money for example), but in reality.
We can't be schizophrenic about money and expect it not to seep into education.

Skandalon Schools are specifically designed for mental and physical well being,
which is a fundamental prerequisite for any educational initiave, and clearly, has not received enough attention.

Skandalon is here for anyone who wants to learn anything and put it to good use in this world without becoming desperately unhappy.
There are four levels corresponding to the traditional primary, secondary, high school and undergraduate levels of scholarship,
but you choose your own level no matter who you are.

SKANDALON SKOOLZ are self directed programs of education.
The schools are based on the idea that the search for truth is worth our time in this life,
no matter how young or old we are, no matter what our level of scholarship or the circumstances of our life.
In fact, the search for truth is not only worth our time, it is a good thing for us to do.

In order to earn a diploma from a SKANDALON SKOOL,
the student is on the honor system as far as the requisite proficiency in all state-mandated subjects.
If you ask for a transcript and a diploma, you will have to certify your own completion of the required materials.
This is basically what the founder did anyway, since founder's family and faculty were both ridden with drug addiction and disability,
and founder basically had to DIY a college degree, which founder did.

As far as SKANDALON requirements, each "skool" has their own.
PREREQUISITE OF LANCIANO: In addition to others, research the origins of the name LANCIANO,focusing on whatever you wish,
and present your findings in the form of an oral presentation lasting at least 45 minutes.
Submit your video and wait for a response!