Skandalon Skoolz was formally organized and titled in part as a response to the inquiries of governing bodies: what is the Valanga di Vita? Why does it exist?
Since the answer is scandalous, those who ask are perhaps unwittingly,unaware of their own contradiction:
They don't really want to know the answer to their question.
For those who wish to know, this page is the "skandalon apologion."
It is indeed traumatic but it's the truth that some of us have been forced to engage with.

The academic year begins on July 1st for all Skandalon Skools.
The year is divided into trimesters, each lasting 16 weeks with a one week break between, and an extra week at Christmas/New Year's.

This is a crowdsourced cooperative and we are all part of it.
The Skoolz are open from 8 am to 8 pm. close at 6pm Saturday and rest and celebrate Saturday evening and all day Sunday.
Periods are 45 minutes and no periods are scheduled between 12 and 2.
The University system is called Uriel's, and a Bachelor's Degree requires 400 credits, 32 from Primary school, 64 from Middle School, 96 from Liceo and 208 from College.